Weekly news from Sergey Mavrodi 20.12.2015

Hello! Here is the news. Actually, things are going marvelous in the Republic of Bitcoin. I”m so pleased to record a video for the Republic of Bitcoin :-). In other words the participants and guiders are extremely active. Accordingly all results are evident. The pace of development of the Republic of Bitcoin, let me repeat, is simply excellent. Keep it going on the same level. Moreover due to holidays everyone is in a festive mood. Nevertheless, the members and guiders, I”m repeating, are not sitting back. Besides what else can I add? There”s in fact nothing to say. I have already said and repeat it again. I ask all of you not to slow down your activity. Business before pleasure :-). Continue to develop the System in the same spirit. I”m sure the coming year will be the year of MMM. And growth rate of the Republic of Bitcoin will increase even more. However it is very high anyway. See you next time. All of you are in a holiday mood, but I think that will have the opportunity to wish you happy holidays in my next video. But, however… Ok I won”t do that ahead of time :-). So see you next time. As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable. Together we change the world!

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