The Pro’s And Con’s Of MMM Global Community

Are you willing to provide help to those who are in need? Ofcourse you do! Most of us, if not all, are always willing to extend our helping hands to them , but in one condition, If we have “extra”. Sadly, limited financial sources are the reasons why we can’t devote ourselves to provide help to less fortunate people as we have ourselves that have needs to attend to.

But what if you donate to someone and then someone else donates back to you? What if  you donate a certain amount of your money and get 100% more from your donation from someone who is willing to give back to you?

It may sounds too good to be true, but it do exists and it is happening right now inside MMM Global Community where all the participants are utilizing the power of “give and take” relationship.

If you are like us, willing to help others and at the same time, need others to help you back, then the community is the right place for you.

What Is MMM Global Community?

MMM or Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox Global is a community where people voluntarily helping each other without conditions, guarantees or promises. It is a kind of a mutual aid fund that to be distributed between the participants in the community.

Here in MMM, there’s no need to make contracts nor the need to pledge your property.
There are no lenders and no debtors.
Everything is very simple: one participant asks for help — another one helps and vice versa

MMM Global was founded by a Russian Mathematician, Sergey Mavrodi, who once worked as a programmer and took part on developing the first operating systems. Apparently, he decided to quit on his job as he realized that working eight hours routinely is a form of slavery. He founded his own business and became one of the leading computer equipment distributors in Russia. On 2011, he started the campaign against the unjust financial status of the people in lower society by founding MMM.

How does It Works?

When a participant provides help(donate), he/she directly  send it to another participants account. And when you get help(receive donations), it will go directly to your account.

There is no main and/or in middle account, where all the money flows to (and where it can be easily stolen from). All the money(donations)  are distributed to all the participants in the community.

MMM will only provide a technical basic program, which helps millions of participants worldwide to find those who NEED help, and those who are ready to PROVIDE help for FREE.

The System completely belongs to people. Without fools. It is a real mutual aid fund, where ordinary people help each other.

Participants transfer their donations through BITCOINS. It is a digital currency that have it’s own rates and can be transferred easily and quickly without hassles all over the world. To convert Bitcoins into cash, you just need to connect your bank account and transfer the Bitcoins in it.

The Pro’s And Con’s Of MMM Global Community


  • Free to join
  • The community is open to EVERYONE
  • A participant can get up to 100% more from his/her donations
  • The donations are delivered directly to the participants in the community, so there’s no reason and it’s impossible for MMM to Scam you.
  • The System of MMM will make it sure that  all the donations of the participants are confirmed. It means that receipts of your donations will be displayed in your account’s dashboard when you donate and same things happen when you received the donations from the other participants.


  • No Guarantees

Conclusions:  Again, I have to remind you that MMM Global is a community  where people are helping each other. It means, all the participants in the community are Selfless individuals who are willing to help, wither someone else help them back or not.

MMM promotes the value of Kindness and Honesty, that is why, joining the community have no guarantees, no promises, no conditions. And why is that? Because simply it’s the truth! There is no guarantee in EVERYTHING… God already informed us that there’s no guarantee if we live shorter or longer, but we still tries to live in the best our life can give, because we want to cherish the life we have right now.

And that is why Millions of people joins MMM Global community because they want to experience the power of giving, even though, there is no guarantee that others will help them back.

Some of you will wonder, How come there are companies that are giving promises and guarantees to their members and clients? Because they need to LIE in order to get the trust from the members.

How many banks that guarantee you that your money is safe with them? And then, you’ll be shocked when you heard the news that your bank declares bankruptcy. But of course the bank will promise to pay you, but the question is when?

How many companies that sells their products and guarantee you the best results? And when you try it, there’s slight or no effect at all.

How many companies that offers you a Big Return Of Investment without doing anything?
At first, you’ll be happy and inspires to invite others because they seem doing what they promised you. But then, when the company received a lot of positive reviews which equals to more investors, and then you’ll be shocked that their company is now closed and the owner and staffs are nowhere to be found.

There’s a lot of instances that some of the companies will guarantee you a positive result, but unfortunately, they’ll just  impressed you in a short run in order to convince you to add more of your investments, and then bad news happened, the company scammed you.

It is very clear that you cannot guarantee in anything at all. You need to take the risk to know the results.

And now that you’re more aware about the PRO’s and CON’s in joining MMM Global, it;s time to decide: are you In or Out? Anyway, if you’re looking for more motivations, you can check our participants testimonials here.

If you decided to experience the power of “give and take” exchange. Click the link of the registration guide below.

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